Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Get the Look!

Ankle skirts galore! You may have thought it was all about the maxi but meet her sister from another mister the ankle skirt. They are just as fun and twice as fashionable. This ankle skirt  here with the Missoni esque pattern is from none other then, drum roll please, Forever 21! I know you all have been losing faith in the classic cheap thrills store but once in a while they do surprise you! This skirt was $25! Here it is paired with a classic white tee, an absolute necessity in every fashionista and normal person's closet, so versatile and chic yet also plain so the average Joe is also appeased. The fedora keeps it fun and was also bought at Forever 21 for $7. Now scatter fashionistas! xoxo

Monday, August 15, 2011

The September Issue

In the beginning of every month I find myself scavenging newsstands just to hold that month's new edition of Vogue. The excitement and anticipation of the hunt is one thing but the first glimpse of that impossibly pretty glossy "it girl" on the cover is enough to get me to hate myself  yet, call me a sucker for the cover's  promised 1,069 Fall Fashion & Beauty Ideas, I buy it. But there is one month where that girl on the cover and the content, of the nearly 200 and growing page magazine, marks the beginning of the new fashion year. No it isn't the January issue, with all of its New Year Resolutions articles and a page dedicated to finding the perfect sparkly party dress for your body type, but it is THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE. Yes capital THE. The September Issue is the most important and largest issue in any fashion magazine. The covers and cover girls are hugely important for they are the first thing we the consumer see and we expect someone amazing on these covers. This August The September Issue covers didn't disappoint with W, Elle, Vogue, Harper's BAZAAR, Vanity Fair, and Teen Vogue Magazines pulling out all the stops and making us "normal" gals and guys green with envy! So who do YOU think has the best September Issue cover? That's this weeks poll! Now scatter fashionistas! xoxo
W Magazine with Kristen Stewart! No your eyes are fine she really does look that good! I was surprised too!
gwyneth paltrow elle september 2011 01Gwyneth Paltrow On the Elle cover. FABulous like always.
Lea Michele Covers 'Harper's Bazaar' September 2011The beautiful Lea Michelle on Harper's BAZAAR.

Jennifer Lopez on Vanity Fair. JLo has just been everywhere lately!
 Hollywood's new "it girl" Emma Stone in Teen Vogue!

Friday, August 12, 2011

And The Winner Is....

For one whole week you guys got to vote on who your favorite sister/favorite Marc Jacob's model was. It was all in all a good competition and a tough decision but a winner has been chosen! Between Dakota and Elle Fanning your favorite Marc Jacob campaign model was (drum roll)....
ELLE FANNING with 60% of the vote while her sister Dakota had 20%.

Sorry Dakota better luck next time!
Next your favorite Middleton sister is....
KATE MIDDLETON! Kate got 80% of the vote while her sister Pippa got none (ouch). Guess we ain't so crazy about Pippa after all!

Tune in tomorrow for the next week's poll! Now scatter you registered voters!xoxo

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hot New Trend!

Lets face it, we all love animals and we all love sweaters, now we can have an animal on our sweater and still look tre chic! No I don't mean kill a helpless little creature BUT what I'm tyring to say is to merely have its adorable yet fierce face knitted into a sweater...ok that didn't sound right either but you know what I mean! This 80's trend is back and popping up everywhere! It has been seen on many runways from Givenchy to DKNY! So is this trend purrrfect or no? Lemme know what YOU think below! Now scatter you animals! xoxo

Animal faces have also been seen on dresses!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh Kate!

Turns out that our beloved Princess Kate isn't so loved by everyone after all! And no it's not cause she married a prince though that's definitely enough persuasion on my list. But recently Designer Vivienne Westwood was reported saying that Kate Middleton wears to much eye makeup! She said to the London Sunday Times, “I think she’s got a problem with eye makeup! The sharp line around her eyes makes her look hard. Either she should be smudgy or wear none.” As harsh it may sound we all gotta admit that well we were all kinda thinking it.... But Vivienne didn't stop there she then targeted Kate's style! "Let me put it this way. I t seems to me, that her image is "ordinary woman"." Westwood said. This 70 year old is just too funny....let's just hope next time someone can find her mute button.Well what do YOU think? Too much eyeliner or not enough! Lemme hear your thoughts below! Now scatter my little royals! xoxo

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trend Testers!

Overalls! Yes overalls are coming back with a vengeance. You may have thought that you had seen the last of these suckers in the 90's but no way. Overalls now come in a variety of trendy styles and can either be dressed up or down. You can find these guys in long pants, shorts, and even with long sleeves. In the picture the trend is put to the test! Here the model is wearing a burgundy corduroy short overalls with a light silk blouse, sandals, beige purse, and gold Rolex. Overalls and shirt are from Forever 21, sandals, purse, and watch all the stylists. Now scatter fashionistas! xoxo

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fashion Police!

Last night, as some of us may know, was the mockery of what is known as the Teen Choice Awards. The awards in itself was bland and annoying. The fashion, mostly, followed suit. While most of them were forgettable or either really stupid there were some that happened to stand out for both bad and good reasons. Here are some of the nights best and worst dressed.
Kendall Jenner - Teen Choice Awards 2011
Kendell Jenner from the Kardashian clan is looking very posh in a dress by Australian designer Aurelio Costarella. What can I say? She looks elegant and has supermodel legs. The only thing I would change is her hair, it looks like a hot dog....

Nina Dobrev Rocking Clutch Dress D&G Shoes Ferragamo
Nina Debrov from the Vampire Diaries wore a D&G dress and clutch and the heels are Ferragamo. Nina and her outfit is everything that the Teen Choice Awards should be young, fun, and flirty! That's why she is  on the best dressed.

Blake Lively from Gossip Girl wore a Gucci dress. Blake was definitely the best of the best in this outfit. There is little to say but that it's sexy, she's beautiful, and it is the definition of fashion.
Taylor Swift is wearing a Rafael Cennamo dress and Fendi pumps. Can you say disappointment? How about boring? And that's not the best part about this, the best part is the she won choice fashion icon! There is no fashion involved in this outfit it's an embarrassment! I saw this at Ross!

Kelly Cuoco who was the host and from The Big Bang Theory wore this Rebecca Taylor ummm... dress...?
What can I say but that bad dresses happen to pretty people.

Ashley Greene from The Twilight Saga wore Givenchy. It's really unfortunate that she left her shift of hosting at the Cheesecake Factory so late! Poor girl didn't have time to change! This isn't fun or flirty like the Teen Choice Awards should be but this is more like a sales associate at Express.

Well there it is the worst and the best of an already mediocre awards show. Now scatter fashion angels! xoxo